Making The Right Choice

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Making the Right Choice The thought of "College"� to a senior in high school often seems to mean life or death. So many factors weigh on the minds of our high school youth. And many are ill prepared to make such an important decision. Some lack basic knowledge, but they must still make one of the biggest decisions of their life. Some questions that are often asked from high school seniors are; "Should I go to a four year school?"�, "Should I go to a Junior College?"�, "How much does all this cost?"� "What should I major in?"�, all these questions dominate the minds of seniors each year as the next graduating class wrestles with the decisions. The simple answer to all these questions is Junior College. There are many advantages to attending a junior college before transferring to a four-year school, for example the financial aspect of a junior college.

Junior colleges offer inexpensive classes and gives the student the ability to live at home and not have to pay for housing. Junior college allows for fewer students in many core classes, as well as having your professor know your name, all these are distinct advantages when compared to a traditional four-year university. In addition to the financial and educational benefits there are many little things which the incoming student won't realize until at school, like class availability and less stress to select a desired major. All these are the great advantages to attending a junior college.

Junior colleges have many financial benefits over a four-year university. College tuition seems to be increasingly each year and the cost of living continues to inflate as well. Obtaining a college education requires good financial planning and the right decision by the student as to what college to attend. For...