Marijuana Legalization

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Why Marijuana should be legalized 1. Useful proposes 2. Economics 3. hemp Thesis- I believe marijuana should be legalized because it has many useful purposes has the potential to increase our economic status, and it can be used to make many products out of hemp.

Subtopic A- Useful proposes 1. Useful to many, glaucoma patients, cancer patients, Aids patients, anorexia victims.

2. Just the medical issues. Main issue in the debate for the legalization of marijuana.

3. Other uses include the production of paper, clothing material, oils, and many other things 4. It can be used to treat both chronic pain and nausea Subtopic B-Economics 1. Marijuana has the potential to gross 50-53 billion dollars a year.

2. It costs 450,000 to arrest, prosecute, and jail a single drug dealer.

3. Should be properly spent to stop violent crimes 4. Marijuana farmers who grow a garden of less than 100 sq.

ft can earn 30,000-50,000 a year.

5. Allowing farmers to grow would not only save many small farms but also provide many new jobs.

6. Because marijuana cropping and preparation are very labor intensive.

Subtopic D-Hemp 1. Couldn't get a buzz if you smoked a bale of hemp.

2. But its still illegal in the united states, while more than 30 countries have legalized the growing of industrial hemp.

3. Instead of leveling acres and acres of forests, the hemp plant, which takes 6 months to mature, is a fine substitute for wood pulp.

4. Hemp requires no herbicides or pesticides and needs much less water than cotton, and is capable of producing up to five tons of usable material per acre.

5. In 1995 the u.s. hemp industry grossed 50 million dollars imagine what it would gross today.