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I. Executive Summary This business plan provides an overview for the introduction of Panne Inc. It has also been prepared to obtain initial capital of approximately $800,00 to finance the company's initial start up and operation expenses.

Prior to establishing a product line, Panne Inc.'s management evaluated the market opportunity for beaded handbags. The management team found that in the year 2000, beaded handbags were one of the top selling handbags (Accessories Journal, January 2001). With that in mind management decided that the product line for Panne Inc. will concentrate on handmade beaded bags in an assortment of sizes, colors, and designs.

Panne Inc. is a private company that specializes in handmade beaded bags. Our company objective is to distribute, market, and develop handmade beaded bags, and to be part of the companies that comprise the accessory industry. Panne Inc.'s product line is positioned in the high quality, high function, high fashion, and high price-end of the market.

Our company prides itself for differentiating its product through innovation, style, craftsmanship, and design.

Pann Inc. was established in the state of New York in January 2001. The primary distribution channel for Panne beaded bags will be a retail store on the corner of West Broadway and Prince St. in New York City, NY. As the business grows, products will include shoes, hair accessories, and jewelry. Distribution will also expand to different specialty and department stores in the US.

I. Situation Analysis Current Market Situation · Company's Product and Service Panne, Inc. is a new company specializing in high quality, high function, and high fashion handmade beaded bags. The company's initial focus is to provide fashionable women with ready made or custom design beaded bags in different shapes, sizes, colors, and function. Panne, Inc. product offerings will be differentiated by their...