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When thinking of Medieval Ages, one might think of kings, noble, knights, and peasants. They are right. Back in 442 A.D. to 1042 A.D., there was a time of light and growth. Knowlegde was expanding throughout the system and social ranking was not a real big problem until 1042 A.D. The Dark Age surrounded the country side. This was a time of sadness for all the people.

The Dark Ages consisted of unsanitary and roothless humans that took things for granted and did not consider anything else. Bands of knighs were formed during this time. Some were good and the other were bad, trying to stir up problems with natives. Knights wore nearly unpenatrable armor and thier weapons were of a sleek design to make awe and amazement. The knights had other problems such as the nobles. The nobles stood a class higher than the knights but the knights did not fuss.

Knights knew that the only way to survive was to protect the King and do as the nobles said. There was one lady that saw that corruption was among the knights and soon founded a code every knight would and must follow. King Henry II's wife, Eleanor, brought the idea of Chilvary. Chilvary is summed up as good moral, manners, and behavior.

The idea spread world-wide and soon the Ages started to change with time. Knights started to become better and even Christian even though most of them did not understand the Latin language.

In one brief sentence we know that the knights of Medieval Ages at first were dangerous and cruel and unconsiderate but since Eleanor gave the knights the idea of Chilvary, they become more than intended and end the end all of time changed.