Mental Depression

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Fort 1 Mental Depression I noticed my mother was in a depressed mood most of the day, she seemed sad a lot. She was very emotional. You had to watch what you say to her and how you say it because she would become tearful very easily. It would make her feel guilty or worthless. She had a lack of interest in almost all activities. Everything seemed to be a bother. When she would come home from work, she would go to her room and lay there. She even had trouble sleeping at night. Her loss of energy and fatigue was evident and worried us and we wondered what would happen to her.

Major depressive disorder is a type of depression when a person experiences prolonged hopelessness and lethargy until eventually rebounding to normality (Myers, 1999). In a sense, all women are at risk for depression. In four women one is likely to experience severe depression (Gordon, 1994).

One of these women is my mother. What causes this to occur when everything seems normal and the person looks like all is well? I have asked myself over and over again what could have caused this to happen in my mother. I hope to explore the causes and effects of depression as well as the procedure this illness undergoes. Depression is an illness affecting the entire mind and body, causing a person to feel miserable. Changes in brain chemistry make it happen. It is not really known what causes depression. It has been thought to be due to something unhappy in a person's life or to some psychological problem. Now it is known, however, that this disease happen to Fort 2 people who have no reason to be depressed and who have no psychiatric problems. In other words, this is a...