Of Mice And Men

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Of Mice and Men George and Lennie in Of Mice and Men are friends because they have feeling of obligation, need for survival, and mutual depending. From Lennie and George's friendship there are many lessons to be learned.

George and Lennie were no always good friends. There friendship was somewhat forced by Lennie's aunt Clara. Forced friend ships are one of the many types of friendships. This type of friendship usually doesn't work out very well, depending on the person and attitude towards forced friendships. George and Aunt Clara had an agreement that if anything were to happen to her that George would be responsible and take care of Lennie. Lennie was no ordinary man. He had a problem which made him not think properly, and he was disabled. Lennie was slow and dumb which made things very difficult for George at times. George had a feeling of obligation with Lennie at first but he got to know him he found out Lennie was a human being just like himself.

Friends all have a need for survival. Friends have lots of problems in there everyday lives, and must deal with problems they come across. No friendship is perfect, ever. Friends must rely on each other to help and improve there friendships. That is what Lennie and George did. When Lennie would get in trouble George told Lennie to go hide down by the river so no one would find him. Friends do all sorts of things to help each other out, including sacrificing things that they like, and love.

All friends have mutual depending on each other. Friends need to give each other a hand when in need. In George and Lennie's friendship there was a lot to be learned. George needed to learn how Lennie thought about things, and Lennie needed to learn how to handle his great strength and had to always listen to George, no matter what.

After George got to know Lennie and got to love him as if they were brothers, their friend ship was no longer and obligation. There need for survival was mutual among the two, and they probably count not survive without. Lennie and George both depend on each other for different things, and for each others friendship.