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Milton, Shelly, and Coleridge John Milton, Percy Shelley, and Samuel Coleridge are widely known as some of the greatest poets of their age. During this period, known as the Romantic Age, poets typically wrote about nature. Milton, who can be compared to Stevie Wonder, wrote before the romantic age, yet still has the same qualities. Coleridge, who can be compared to Robert Downey Jr., wrote the basic rules of romantic writers. Percy Shelley, who was one of the last romantic writers, can be compared to Madonna. Milton, Shelley, and Coleridge all have different views and can compare to three creative people today.

Milton was born in London on December 9, 1608. One of the " Greatest poets of the English language"� (Rudnytsky 1), Milton ranks only second to Shakespeare among English poets. Milton is best known for "Paradise Lost"�, which is generally regarded as the greatest epic poem in the English Language.

John Milton can be compared to Stevie Wonder because Milton was blind as Stevie Wonder also was. While Milton has written some of the greatest poems of all time, Stevie Wonder has also written some of the greatest songs of all time. John Milton died on November 8,1674.

Originally named Steveland Judkins, Stevie Wonder was born blind and raised in inner city Detroit. Considered a child music prodigy, he was a skilled musician by eight years old and made his first recording at the age of twelve. He wrote some of what were considered the greatest rock songs of all time including "Superstition"�. As he became Mahan 2 older his music changed and he faded out of rock, while Milton also faded in his poetic works as he became older. Both Milton and Wonder overcame obstacles of a sightless existence to achieve success.

Samuel Coleridge began his writing career early in 1794 when he entered Jesus College in Cambridge. Coleridge was most known for "Kubla Khan"� and "The Rime of the Ancient Mariner"� (Shilstone 1). In 1798, Coleridge became pre-occupied with political issues. Eventually drug addiction took over his life and he began using opium to help his depression. Robert Downey Jr. and Samuel Coleridge share a resemblance in what they did to their careers. Self destruction took over for both of them.

Robert Downey Jr. is an actor who once was considered the most versatile of his generation. He first started his career as a regular on Saturday Night Live in 1985. Soon after, he went on to star in movies such as Weird Science, Natural Born Killers, Bowfinger, Less than Zero, and was also nominated for an Oscar for his starring role in Chaplin. However, starting in 1996, Downey Jr. became addicted to drugs, mostly cocaine. In a 20/20 Interview in 1998, Downey said he first tried drugs when he was only 10. Downey seems to be going through the same type of depression that Coleridge went through during his rough years. Their gifts and talents were overshadowed by their addictions.

Percy Shelley was born on August 4, 1792, in Sussex. In Shelly's early years, he first "eloped"� (Shelley 1) with Harriet Westbrook. They ran away and lived together.

However in 1814, he abandoned her and ran away with Mary Wollstonecraft Godwin.

Mahan 3 They were married in 1816 and had three children. Two of the children died in infancy.

Shelley can be compared to the singer Madonna because of the similar social lives they led. On July 8, 1822, Shelley drowned while sailing a ship (Shelley 1).

Madonna may have sold more records in the world than any female singer before her. She has had countless hits and platinum albums. Some of this stardom may have to do with her shocking social life. She has been married and divorced, then had a baby with her personal fitness trainer. In the 1980's, she commonly wore revealing clothes at her concerts and ticket sales increased. Shelley's poetic works increased in sales after scandals with Harriet Westbrook. Success followed both of these people in spite of their rebellious life style.

These three romantic writers had views that differed and varied widely. John Milton and Stevie Wonder overcame a huge disability that was beyond their control to show their talents. Samuel Coleridge and Robert Downey Jr. were faced with a mental disability and allowed it to overcome them and ruin their personal success. Percy Shelley and Madonna had an often times deviant and rebellious approach to life, which helped propel them to success. Many creative people often waste their talents by the lives they lead while others have found great success by the lives they lead in a more positive way.