Nature Hike

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When I first stepped into the woods I could hear birds all around me. The trees shaded the sunlight from shinning down on me and the air was cool. Along with the birds, leaves from the trees swayed together in the wind making a fain, whispering sound. I was all alone and at peace with nature.

        As I continued my walk, I came across many different animals throughout the woods. Chipmunks were climbing trees, rabbits were hopping over logs, and I even happened to see a small, brown dog. I thought I would see some insects but I'm glad I only heard them. I also unfortunately saw no deer.

Deeper into the woods I heard something following me. When I turned around, I saw the small, brown dog staring straight ahead at me. At this point I decided I had gone far enough and decided to turn back. As I did so, the dog followed me.

The little mutt appeared to be a stray and must have been lonely.

Once the dog and I exited the woods I heard motorcycles up over the hill and the dog took off running at the sound of the engine. I felt abandon by the dog, but I really didn't care at all. Finally I arrived at my house reflecting on these events.