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Food of the 1920's In the 1920's there were many different foods that were popular at the time. They ranged from different kinds of salads to candy. This was a time when a lot of different kinds of food where coming out. This was also a time during the great depression so people needed something to feel good about so they ate a lot of food. So alot of new kinds of foods were becoming popular.

One of the most popular where Honey maid graham crackers that were made by Nabisco. They made their national debut in 1925. "These treats are as American as baseball and homemade apple pie. Mothers love them because they are wholesome and healthful. Children love them because they taste good"(Chris Lovitz). These graham crackers were made of graham flour, pure, strained honey and other natural ingredients it took the nation by storm. Its lightly sweet taste and wholesome nutrition quickly made it a favorite snack among people of all ages.

They had a great demand everyone wanted to eat graham crackers.

Another popular food was Caesar salad everyone wanted to eat this in the 1920's because it had a new flavor unlike the traditional salad. It was a popular thing to eat as an appetizer before meals. Spaghetti was very popular with the people of the 1920's and went great with Caesar salad. Spaghetti was a very popular dish because it was really easy to make, and could be made pretty fast. This was also very good tasting this is why it was a very popular dish at the time.

In the 1920's they had a lot of junk food products that were being made. This was the time that candy had come out it was and was really popular. Because It tasted really good and did not cost that much money. In the late 1920's soda pop came out and this was a instant hit with the public because of its delicious flavor. Kool-Aid was also popular because it was so easy to make. Good Humor came out with ice cream that was popular because of it's sweet taste.

This was a time that many new ideas were tried. There were many different types of foods that had come out, and also different types of beverages. The 1920's was a very productive time in terms of food. Many of these foods will still eat today.