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Visual Impact- The impact of this photo for me is the fact that its not in colour, it as that worn look and the scratch marks on it makes it look worn and help set a different tone when you look at the picture. As I was turning the pages of my magazine I stopped at this picture because it stood out from the rest like a sore thumb, that it would make me stop and read the caption that it was different from the other pictures.

Emotional Content- I think that there is a great deal of emotional content in the picture, the first for me was the feet sticking out at me. The dead body got me thinking and wanting to read what it had to say as there was a tag on the man's toe. The second would be the man standing on the left side of the picture as you see his face it's a worried sad look.

Then the third would be the room there are in, it's not like a "fun" room to be in.

Composition- I think that the rule of thirds works here, it first focuses your attention onto the person's feet then onto the man in the middle ground. Everything seems to be in focus up to the back of the room except for the tag that is on the persons toe. I also think that the contrast in the picture between light and dark works to help enhance the emotional aspect of the picture. Also since the picture looks like its worn the photo seems to be a little bit grainy witch could imply that the photographer used a higher ASA film. The lighting of the picture is also marvellous as it cast a shadow into the chamber where they store the dead bodies. Where when you are outside its light which represents life and when its dark its death and the photographer did this in a very cleaver way.

Subject Matter- The subject here is of a man whose job is to identify the remains of others as they are berried and there bodies have slowly decayed. I think the picture is evident of this because of the body lying on the table and in the background there is the thing there they store the bodies in refrigerated "lockers".

Viewers Position- My position on the picture is as I am looking fist into the foreground and looking off kind of at an angle. My position is right in front of the person's feet. It feels like I am the one who is going to be pushing the person into the chamber.

Subject Position- The subject falls into the rule of thirds as his head is the focus in the top and at the bottom it is the feet of the person who is on the table. I think that the subject position is important because in most pictures u might have the subject in the foreground but here in this picture u have the subject in the background and then the foot of another subject in the foreground. I don't think that there is one real subject that they are focusing on but on the two, because they both play a role in how the picture is perceived by the viewer.

Angle of View- The angle that I am viewing this picture from is off at the bottom right corner right in front of the cart. It puts my main focus on the food of the person at first they it leads me to the man in the background then u see the expression on his face. I think that the photographer did a very good job in the photo with the angle of view as my first instinct was to focus right in the middle of the picture but then this time I was drawn to the foot of the person. It also helps give u a different perception on the picture and I think that the picture would have different feeling if your angle of view was different.