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THE PROCESS OF A LOVED ONES DEATH I want to take you on a journey, of going through the process of doing what's best for an aging of ill loved one. Through research and through interviews, and my own experience's. Tears are shed, hearts have been broken, and in some cases families have been torn apart. There are many tough decisions to be made. There are a vast number of people that can guide you in the direction so many of us desperately need.

The diagnosis that changed my mother's life, and affecting the closeness of our family. My mother called one of our usual weekend calls, we have developed a relationship, she needed me and I needed her, we have become best friends.

She told me that she had been to the doctors again, its seems as though she had been going a lot these day's. The doctor had a diagnosis of chronic lung disease.

To many years of smoking and working in factories with poor working conditions.

She won't be able to do this alone. She has always been so independent; she is scared of the road that lies ahead.

Now she has my brother living with her, there is just one problem with that he's an alcoholic, mom is always trying to help him with his drinking. However "WHO IS HELPING HER"�? She needs emergency medical treatment several times. "NO ONE IS THERE FOR HER"�. We soon realize that she must make the decision to come and live with one of us, where we can help her and she could get better medical attention.

In doing my research, I have sinced learned that when you move your parent into your home, the family must make many adjustments. If you, have plans or goals they may have...