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Oedipus Essay Arrogance is unpleasant self-importance or haughtiness. The play "Oedipus," by Sophocles is set in the ancient Greek city of Thebes. Oedipus is the king of Thebes and the murderer of the former king although he doesn't realize it. Oedipus' search for King Laius' murderer turns into the question of who Oedipus' real parents are. Oedipus decides not to heed the warnings of Tiresias, Jocasta and the shepherd due to his arrogant attitude. Can ones own arrogance cause him or her pain? Oedipus doesn't listen to Tiresias' warnings because he wants to solve the murder of Laius to further embellish his image, which shows his arrogance. When Creon brings Oedipus the news that the plague is being caused by the murderer of Laius going unpunished, Oedipus says, "I shall be the defender of Thebes"¦I shall rid us of this pollution, not for the sake of a distant relative, but for my own sake."(10)

This statement show how arrogant Oedipus is because he feels that only he can solve this murder. Oedipus wants to be the person to save Thebes so he will look like a good king. Later on in this scene Oedipus says, "I will bring it all to light"¦Now you have me on your side, as is only right"(10) Oedipus' overconfidence in himself causes him to neglect Tiresias' warnings. Oedipus feels he knows what is best for him. Oedipus' arrogance and overconfidence makes him believe that Tiresias is lying to him and so he dismisses Tiresias advice and causes him to accuse Creon of King Laius' murder.

Oedipus rejects the warnings of Jocasta because his arrogance causes him to believe that Jocasta is trying to protect herself rather than him. When Jocasta tells Oedipus not to call...