Oedipus At Colonus

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Oedipus at Colonus In Sophocles' last written story, "Oedipus at Colonus", Oedipus encounters many new people, as he travels from the homeland he was banished from (Thebes). Some of these new characters were present in his second story, but were not described, and of these were his children. His journey sends him through struggles that cause tragedy, but different from the tragedy of the first story, "Oedipus, the King".

Oedipus travels from Thebes accompanied by Antigone (one of his daughters) to the town of Colonus in Athens. She has a great impact on him, because she is almost part of him; she is his eyes and his legs. Ismene, Oedipus's other daughter, also has a great impact on him; she is his guardian angel, warning him of upcoming situations. Together, they make up Oedipus's support system and his reasons for living. Ismene tells Oedipus of the news that the oracle has delivered, to prepare him for the forthcoming events (i.e.:

his son asking for his blessings and support). Antigone advises Oedipus on what to do, helps him walk, and describes everything that he can't see (i.e.: an approaching man, etc.).

The King of Thebes, Theseus, has what I believe is the greatest impact on Oedipus; he befriends him when Oedipus doesn't have a friend in the world. Theseus doesn't judge Oedipus by his history, but the type of person he is now, and he takes pity on him. A friend is the most important thing to Oedipus right now because he needs someone to protect him from Creon, help him be strong toward his son, and to just stand by him and support him.

The last character that has an effect on him is his son Polyneices. Polyneices is one of the people who expelled him from Thebes, and...