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OUTLINE Introduction I. Parole A. Where it originated B. Branches 1.Shock Parole 2.Parole Contracts 3. Furloughs c. Statistices Conclusion Whether or not you know it parole affects every single person in the United States. Parole as defines in Websters is the release of a prisoner on condition of good behavior, In the state of Texas as in other states, it seems to be harder and harder to stay within this definition. It could be that people are interpreting it is a different way, therefore getting away from the purpose. It seems to me that because of overcrowding people are being released much earlier to make room for others.

Parole basically originated in the military. Officers would be released on the condition that they would not take arm against their captors. This was called "Parole d'honneur", giving us the term parole. (Crime and Justice in American, Vetter and Terito).

Today it means the same thing or should I say it is supposed to mean the same thing. Parole itself is one thing, but there are may other forms of parole. The one I will discuss are shock parole, parole contracts and furloughs.

Shock parole was adopted in January 1974 in Ohio with House Bill 511. This type of parole provides the release of a prisoner after serving just six months of his time. Shock parole does however, have fice conditions. First the prisoner can not hace commited murder, he must be a first offender, he must not need further confinement, he cannot be a psychopathic, and finally it must be unlikely that he will commit another offence. In 1974 when this bill was passed there were 691 inmates already eligible for release. Shortly after this other states began to adopt this bill as a solution for overcrowding (Correctional...