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Executive Summary For a small business to compete in the new millennium they must be able to compete in a global market place. There are many emerging markets in the world. One region with several rapidly developing countries is South America. In order to expand Power Shirts we researched four South American nations. These nations include Argentina, Brazil, Chile and Peru.

In order to enter a host market there are several variables to consider depending on the product. The variables we deemed relevant include GDP growth, Tourism, Import Tariffs, Population, Urbanization and Average Temperature. We researched the data for each of these variables for all four countries. This data was gathered and ranked according to a scale ranking from 1-5, 5 being the highest score for each individual variable (5-excellent and 1-poor). Based on our scale, along with other research, we determined Argentina to have the most potential.

Further in depth studies of Argentina's business environment were analyzed to determine possible opportunities and/or threats. The environments analyzed were economic, legal, financial, political and social. Each sector helped us to determine what mode of entry to penetrate Argentina. It also helped to identify what precautions and preparations to take before considering contacting potential business partners, agents or distributors.

After taking into consideration the environments in Argentina along with the size of Power Shirts it became apparent direct exporting through a distributor would be our best mode of entry. Many steps must be taken to ensure a successful transitioning of Power Shirts into the international market. Entering a foreign market can be risky, however when executed properly, it can be a rewarding and profitable experience.

Introduction Team 17 was responsible for expanding Power Shirts into the international market. Our countries are Argentina, Brazil, Chile, and Peru. There will be a...