Privacy And Personal Information

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Jason Cordero October 24, 2001 Privacy and Personal Information There are many instances were information that was private would be harmful. They are also cases were the information witch is released is more harmful than others. There are instances were when certain information is released that a person's whole life is ruined. You could be rich one day and the next day have one foot in the poor house.

One case were people are harmed severely because of private information being released is in the Mafia. Lets say that someone in the Mafia is arrested for something. Know that person who was arrested tells the police he will give information about a member of the mafia that is at a much higher rank than himself, like a boss. The Mafia boss would be in serious trouble. He would not have gone to jail or whatever his punishment if it had not been for the informant to the police.

The informant could be lying about everything he is saying, but because he testifies against the mob boss whatever he says will go in court. Also now the informant does little or no time for giving up information on the boss.

Changing the protocol that the police can use would be the most ethical way to deal with a problem like this. Make it so the police must catch you in the act of doing something wrong. For the person that wants to turn in the boss should get the full penalty for what crime he committed. He should get no extra prize for turning in another criminal. All that is happening is were are trading one criminal for another leaving the same problem out on the streets. The police should have to have hard evidence to put someone behind bars not...