Psycological Effects Of September 11

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September 11, 2001! The day that shook America. Many Americans are still having trouble trying to comprehend what happened on that morning. Most of us still find it impossible to grasp the destruction of the World Trade Center. It was real, we saw it, but it does not belong in the realm of reality we can understand. We saw the airliners, full of people who might have been us, streak incomprehensibly toward the walls of steel and glass. We saw the planes hit the towers and explode into fireballs that trapped thousands of people who where working at their desks on a routine morning. The towers turned in to an inferno that killed almost 6,000 people. We saw the shimmering towers collapse, and the towers of volcanic smoke that rose to take their place in the New York skyline. . It not only brought America to a virtual standstill; its effects were felt around the world.

The images have been imprinted on our minds forever, never to be forgotten.

We have seen these events take place in movies as special effects and terrorist attacks in other countries, but never has it hit so close to home. It is hard to conceive that someone could hate America so much that they would do such an awful thing. Most of our experience in dealing with terrorist has been in an unreal context, so it's not surprising that people have trouble dealing with the situation when it becomes a reality. The President addressed the country and told us to continue with our business; but is that truly possible? The attack has taken away our freedom to travel, to feel safe, and to lead a worry-free life. There will always be a sense of uncertainty when we travel, or watch a loved one...