Raggy And Lecey

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Raggy is an intelligent young man. Who has a Masters degree in business management. His family was proud of him when he graduated college. He worked in this field for awhile, but later found out this was not what he wanted to do.

Eventually he found out that his heart was with rapping, and he wanted to become a rapper. He discussed it with his family, but they weren't pleased with the decision he made. He now has to choose between fulfilling him dream or losing the love of his family.

Raggy was confused he didn't know what to do. He wanted to become a rapper but the same time didn't want to lose his family. I t took him a while to think about it very good. Knowing he would be making a very important decision that could change his life forever.

Like any ordinary thirteen year old girl Lecey had a best friend, however she found out that her best friend wasn't the same person she use to be, because there have been rumors going around school about Lecey and she found out her best friend was behind it.

Lecey wants to confront her friend to ask her about the rumors, but she was also thinking twice about confronting her friend or just to leave their friendship to fall apart.

Lecey kept on thinking about the decision she wanted to make, knowing that if she does confronted her friend it could be a good and bad decision, because if they get their friendship back together knowing she won't be able to tell any secrets to her friend again.

So she thought it over and finally made up her mind not to confront her friend, because even if they become friends again she still wouldn't be able to trust her, and you don't have a friendship unless you can trust that person.

Lecey and Raggy had finally meat each other. Although they were two different people they were facing problems. Lecey thought of asking Raggy for some advice since he was older, he might have had some good advice for her.

Lecey went up to Raggy and said, hi, in return he smiled at her. She said, to him can I ask you a question, he said, sure. Lecey said, to him I'm sort of having problems with my best friend at school. He ask she what kind of problems, she said, my best friend started this rumor about me, after she said that there was no reply from Raggy she was wondering what was wrong.

Raggy said, to Lecey I'm sorry, but ......... I wish I could give some advice but I need help myself. He told her what had happened to him and in order to fulfill his dream he's going to lose his family. Lecey told, him that a good family would appreciate his decision instead of going against him.

Lecey and Raggy are two different people, living different lives, but were facing almost that same kind of problems. They had a decision to make that could change there lives forever.