The Real Standard

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The Real Standard Isaiah 59:19 When the enemy comes against you like a flood, the spirit of the Lord will lift up a standard aganist him.

What is a standard? Well a standard is a set way of doing things. It is a model. It is a pattern.

I don't know about you all-- but I am tired of the world trying to dictate to us what our standards should be. If you turn on the television, you will see a sitcom potraying what a high school situation is like. I see young ladies with a different boyfriend every episode, and being concerned about how to kiss on the first date. If you open up a teen magazine you will find articles on sex before marriage. The devil is a liar! That is not the standard! We have the word of God as our standard. The Bible is our map that leads us to our divine destination.

The church has been polluted with so many lies.

Lie number 1-- Young people are the church of tomorrow. No, we are the church of right now! This is the hour in which sons and daughters are prophesing. This is the day in which young men are pregnant with vision! This is that which was spoken of by the prophet Joel! Lie number 2-- Young people should go on and just be young, when they get older- God will save them.

I have actually heard some Christians say this. They think young people have an excuse to live like hell because they are young-- but holiness is not just for grandmother. Auntie Ann does not have a copyright on the Holy Ghost. It's for all that will call on the Name of the Lord. Jesus is on His way back, and He does not have time to wait on us to get our lives together. The Lord has used young people throughout the word of God to speak for Him. Sammuel was a lad when the Lord called him. Jeremiah was a child and so was David, the Hebrew boys. Jesus preached His first sermon at 12 years old! It is a blessing to be young. We have a powerful weapon against the enemy. We can take the schools in Jesus Name! While you are in the halls you can be praying in the Holy Ghost, in intercession for your friends.

God wants to lift up a standard in us! He wants to be Lord in our lives. He wants to clean us up. He wants to be Lord over our attitude, failures, unbelief, and short-comings. He wants to be Lord over our friends and families.

Lord-- Raise the Standard in Us in Jesus' Name!