Response To Unjust Law

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Response to unjust laws Seattle; Washington, DC; Los Angeles; Philadelphia. In the modern person's brain all those cities come into one image: policemen in riot gear beating down assortment of protestors. Now, everyone sane and peaceful should love the police: they keep not-so-good citizens out of our homes, they keep our hard-earned possessions safe and our family members alive. But what happened in all those cities? Why did so many people, young and old, get gassed, beaten, and so easily forgotten? That's when government forgot the main tenet of our country: "Government by the people, for the people." Where not those protesters people, whom the government was supposed to serve? The Constitution forgotten, the history washed in blood of patriots is used only as an excuse for another sale, and people suffocating in clouds of mustard gas. The only explanation is that the System forgot that all it is supposed to be is just an extent of people's will, likeness of a cable that is supposed to convert¡¦ Wait a second! Small shift of topic, or rather, explanation: our great country was based on the principle of people deciding for themselves how they want to live and jointly move their country forward.

In the times of its foundation, no other country had as many rulers, for any redneck farmer is one. Others have been ruled by monarchs, and just wouldn't take US seriously unless there was some sort of way to express the will of majority through few representatives, and for this purpose the government was created. Let's continue ¡¦will of the people to outside countries. But grabbing more and more power, government decided to be the only ruler, answering to power of few and capital of interested parties, not it true masters. Great injustices have been done, and now...