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Isabella's Revenge The screams rang out across the dark streets of Mordheim. Isabella had been accused of witchcraft and was being burnt on the stake. Her screams were ear piercing.

Two days later, at midnight exactly she rose from the dead. She muttered a spell under her breath and suddenly, skeletons, ghouls and zombies rose out of their graves.

There were over 50,000 of the foul, hideous creatures.

Isabella cackled evilly. She could smell the sweet smell of revenge. The Undead would destroy the human race.

The next day news was sent to the king of Mordheim. Isabella and her Undead had burnt down a small village in the south west of Mordheim. T he king, who was a wizard called Gandalf organised an army. It consisted of 30,000 foot troops( infantry and handgunners ), 2000 Knights of the White Wolf, 200 Hobbits( small creatures who love eating ), 800 cannons and 10,000 Elves from Loren.

They marched for 22 days until they reached a large plain. It was there where the Undead were first sighted. It was a scary sight.

The skeleton warriors charged towards the spearmen and the swordsmen, many of them falling to handgun fire, but they still outnumbered the infantry by about 5000 troops. The close combat was brutal and the skeletons came out victors. The cannons aiming was terrible. Most of them misfired and blew up. Things were looking good for the Undead.

Then Gandalf challenged Isabella. Every creature stopped and watched. The two sorcerers muttered their spells. Then the magic was released. They met in the middle and exploded killing many of the onlookers. Gandalf was quicker to react and a flame shot from his hand. Isabella died the same way she had done a month ago.

Seeing their leader die, the Undead sank into the ground. They never rose again.