Right Wing Extremism

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Enemies of Freedom Thesis Statement: Right wing extremism is a very narrow-minded region of political thought, and due to the intolerant beliefs and lack of regard for human rights displayed by these extreme fundamentalists and fascists, it is a huge threat to a free democratic world, and any form of fairness in society.

As long as there has been any form of government, ultra-right wing policies have existed.. The first towns and cities were formed out of a mutual desire for safety, protection, and comfort by farmers and hunter-gatherers. Besides one or more leaders who would have kept the people together and took care of responsibilities, there was really no figure of absolute authority with the exception of the deities that they probably worshipped. As human civilization progressed, leaders of empires, such as the Egyptian Pharoahs, used governing styles that would be considered today as very far to the right on the political spectrum, because they had unquestionable authority over the people.

In the city-states of ancient Greece, two political extremes existed. In Athens, the centre of culture and philosophy, an early form of democracy was being pioneered in which all citizens (adult males that were not slaves) could cast their votes in different government and city affairs. In Sparta, which was the military centre of Greece, an extremely oppressive oligarchy existed in which the city was almost devoid of any fine culture, and military service was compulsory for all boys over the age of seven. Any boys deemed to be too weak for the military prior to this age, were simply left in the wilderness to die.

The traditional governments of Western Asia throughout history have almost always been totalitarian or authoritarian, with reactionary groups of that region wanting even more oppressive control. In dark age Europe, the feudal...