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The Rocking Horse Loser In "The Rocking Horse Winner" D.H. Lawrence presents Paul's mother as an unloving and cold-hearted person. As the story unfolds, she not only shows how indifferent she acts towards her family, but also how truly self-centered she is. During breakfast on the day of her birthday details, such as the mother's constant necessity for money and her perpetual anxiety to obtain it, shed light on her greed, and antagonistic attitude.

When Paul's mother comes downstairs and reads the letters she has a callous look on her face and tells no one that she has received a letter saying the family has inherited money, showing the greed and gluttony she has inside. When she first reads the letter "her face hardened and became more expressionless," showing her as indifferent and selfish. She then, in her greed, hides the letter so that no one would ask of it or see it.

Further, her son then ask if she has received anything nice in the mail, since he knows about the letter, and she responds, " Quite moderately nice," and does not say another word. This shows how she shuts of the others in the story and how she has a self-seeking mentality. Her shutting off the family, especially her son reveals an uncaring person, one that thinks of money before everything else and who only looks to gain more of it. As she says speaks to her son Lawrence makes it a point to ensure that the words cold and absent, this problem occurs because she presents to the reader a cold person overall, and an absent person in respect to her family. At this point in the story the readers come to realize that the intentions of the mother are self-centered. This...