Roman Fever

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"Roman Fever" by Edith Wharton This passage is significant because it shows two women who are very opposite from each other are keeping secret from one another. They were two opposite people. These two women have been envious of the life led by the other, but I bleiveve mrs. Slade was more evnous of mrs. Ansley 's life than the other way around. As the tale progressed in Rome Mrs. Slade finally, after all these years tells Mrs. Ansley that she was the one who sent her the note from Mr. Slade, askingh er to meet him at the colloseum. Mrs. Slade was jealous and wanted to keeep Mr. Slade at any coast, including letting Mrs. Ansley catch roman Fever. At the end,of the tale, Mrs. Slade still felt sh utilmately won the war, because she ended up with Mr.slade in the end, and had him for 25 years, where as Mrs.

Ansley only had him for thato ne night. Mrs. Ansley ended up with more than just one night though, Mr. Slade gave her a daughter, Barabara. So in the end, Mrs. Ansley had the utilmate revenge. While Mrs. Slade had schemed to get rid of of Mrs. Ansley, Mrs. Ansley not only didn't have to wait at the colloseum, but she gave mr. Slade and Mrs. Slade had tohugh she had given him, his first born. You have one woman who marries quickly to avert any attention an unwanted pregnancy would bring to the family, and another woma nwho is so jealous she will do anything rt keep her man,. In the end, if Mrs. Salde hadn't dsent the oringianl note to a young Mrs. Ansley, none of this wouldh ave turned out as it idd, so in a way Mrs. Slade had no one ot...