Romeo And Juliet

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The story takes place in Verona a city on Northen Italy. The Capulet and Montague families have been fighting for as long as anyone can remember.

The hatred is so bitter, even the household's servants take place in the fighting. Prince Escalus, is so sick and tired of all the street fights, that he says that one more offense of violence will be punished by death.

Romeo Montague has been depressed becuase he is in love with Rosalyn, who is not in love with him. His cousin, benvolio takes him to a capulet party that night.

Before the party, in the Montague house, Lord Capulet talks with Coutn Paris, a relative of Prince Escalus. He talks of plans to marry him to his daughter, Juliet. Lady Capulet hears of this and talks to Juliet about marriage. Juliet acts as a child should, and thinks that if that is what her mother wants her to do, then she will try to like him.

When it is time for the party, among the masked guests are the three Montagues- Romeo, Benvolio and a friend of theirs Mercutio. Romeo is not having a good time because he is thinking about Rosaline. All of a sudden he sees a beautiful girl, Juliet. He is unknown to the fact that this is the daughter of his family's enemy.

It is love at first sight for these two. LAter that night, Romeo risks his life by going to The Capulet house and climbs the terrace to Juliets bedroom. They declare their love for one another and make plans to marry the next night.

the next morning, Romeo seeks out Frial Lawrence, a friend, mentor and the only neutral figure in Verona. The Friar hears Romeo's story and in hopes that it will bring the families together, agrees to marry the two that afternoon. The nurse and juliet talk about romeo. Juliet sends her to tell romeo that she will meet him at friar lawerence's cell to be married.

They get married, and head back to Juliets to consummate their marriage.

The next morning, the nurse enters juliets room just as romeo is leaving.