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After Biff went to Boston and saw his father with another women, he never had the same image of his father. Meeting his father in Boston made him lose confidence in succeeding with life and deeply affected him. On page 94 Bernard explains to Willy that he never understood why Biff threw his favorite sneakers with the words University of Virginia printed on them into the furnace. Those sneakers meant a lot to Biff but after going to Boston they didn't mean squat to him and his confidence in him died away.

Biff can't be what his father wants him to be because of what happened in Boston plus the fact he thinks differently of the business world seen on page 61 where he says screw the business world. Biff can be whatever he wants but his attitude towards his father's expectations is like he doesn't care. He has worked at a farm for a few years but stopped because his father expected that he be in the business area.

Biff steals things because his father never really had anything against him stealing stuff for example on page 30. The second time when Willy speaks he says to Biff "Coach'll probably congratulate you on your initiative!" for taking a football home. Then there was the time when he stole the basketballs from Mr. Oliver his father didn't say anything. The only time Willy actually gets mad at Biff for stealing is when Biff explains how he stole Mr. Oliver's fountain pen.

Yes, Biff does use his father's behavior as an excuse for his own waywardness but he learns at the end that all Willy's and his own dreams were too unrealistic. Unlike his father Biff realizes after trying to get a loan from Mr. Oliver, which did not work, he knew that he wanted to live a life like his father. Biff even used Willy's behavior as an excuse for his own waywardness by not going to summer school and not making any effort to pass any of those other courses he took after.

On page 132 at the part were Biff tells his father that his father and him were no super seller but only a hard worker. He tells his father that he shouldn't wait for him to bring home any big amount of money because he expects something that's just not reasonable. Biff just wants to live a true and real life. He realizes this after he stops running down with Mr. Olivers pen and see's the truth.

In conclusion I feel it was a great strain on Biff's life knowing his father was a fake and that he kept it to himself the whole time. I found that if Willy really wanted to be more successful he would of took the job from Charley and stop borrowing money from him so he wouldn't have to lie to his wife that that was his salary. I must admit that after Willy's friends passed away and he wasn't doing so good he should of just quite because that really wasn't a job. I know how hard it is because I used to go door to door and I worked off commission for 1 year. The pay was good and I was quite successful in selling the products but I didn't like it so I got another job that pays less but I enjoy it. That was a job Willy needed a job that he likes plus a good salary. I feel that Willy had a good heart he just never knew where to put it.