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Analysis The intention of this experiment was to see if boys had more antioxidants than girls. It was shown in the class data that the boys didn't have more antioxidants in there saliva but there was variety in individuals antioxidants. When the test tubes had been put in the Spectrophotometer and then it was shown that every student had different amount of antioxidants in their salvia. Some girls had higher rate numbers than other girls and boys. Then there were some boys who had higher antioxidants in their saliva than other boys and girls. Which resulted that the boys didn't have a higher amount of antioxidants than girls didn't. This experiment had been done well but there could have been an error by the students not reading their Spectrophotometer right, which gave some incorrect data. For example a girl student named Jessica had a recording of 226.5 in the first day, then the second day had a 78 and then the third day had a 375.

This would show that this student had done something incorrect during the experiment. The same experiment was done on all of those three days, so that there would be accurate data. Since this experiment was done three times error that had happened in the experiment would show. Another student but a boy had error too in his data. The first day he had 28, then the second day had 112 and the third day a 12. This data is incorrect and it shows because the experiment was done three times and there could be no way someone's antioxidants can go up and down in a three-day's. A new experiment can be done to help get accurate data by doing the same experiment but the only difference would be that instead of doing the same experiment three times to get accurate data it should be done ten times on different days. This would result in the students having more variety in their data and it would show an average of the amount of antioxidants they have overall. The experiment that had already been done showed that boys didn't have more antioxidants than girls. But every student had a different amount of antioxidant in there saliva in different days.