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Can You Jump Start Mother Nature? Alyssa Granados Huntingtown Elementary School 3rd Grade, Mrs. Presa's Class Introduction: I did this experiment because I wanted to know if you could make a seed sprout faster if you soaked it in something before you started watering it.

Hypothesis: I think the seed soaked in the sugar water will sprout faster because sugar gives you energy and energy makes you work faster. If the bean is working faster to sprout, it should break down the outer shell faster and sprout.

Materials: 5 beans seeds Lemon Juice Sugar Saliva Clorox Water Sunlight Paper towels Cookie Sheet Procedures: First, my Mom bought the bean seeds. Next, I soaked five seeds in different solutions: lemon juice, clorox--diluted 4 water to 1 clorox, saliva, water, and sugar water. I soaked each one for 12 hours. I than placed them on a cookie sheet lined with a wet paper towel and put another wet paper towel on top of them.

I put the cookie sheet in front of the window. I watered the seeds every morning before I went to school. I did this for 10 days and wrote down what happened.

Results: The bean soaked in the saliva sprouted in 6 days, the bean soaked in the water sprouted in 7 days and the bean soaked in the sugar water sprouted in 8 days. The bean soaked in the lemon juice did not sprout in the 10 days but I think it will sprout. The clorox bean died, it turned white and started to fall apart. (See attached graph).

Conclusion: My hypothesis failed, but you can jump start mother nature. I think the bean soaked in the saliva sprouted faster because saliva breaks down your food so it can be digested. My conclusion is that the saliva broke down the outer shell of the bean so it sprouted faster.

Resources/Credits: Granados, Lynn "" My mom helped me with my project. She helped me do the graph and the typing for my report.