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It was on my senior trip for my high school class. We went to the Bahammas on a cruise. One of the main parts of the trip was the Captains dinner. My best friend Eric and I were talking about the dinner for two days, we were very excited because of the ladies that were going with us. As we showed up we found that this Captains dinner was a formal occasion, as we were dressed on board shorts and a tank tops. We stopped just outside of the door and pondered what to do. We came up with a great idea and followed through with it. In the two days before the Captains dinner all of the young men were asking the ladies if they would like to join them at dinner. I had no choice but to conform to this method and find the most suitable girl to ask.

I discussed this matter with a close friend, Eric, who pointed me in the direction of Layna. So, I took his advice and asked her to join me. Her quick response was, "yes I will I have been waiting for you to ask." This started my mind on track of this Captains dinner. Eric also went through the same problem and also ended up with a suitable girl to take.

We talked about this matter over an over until it came.

In a hurry we ran to the dinner room. But, to our surprise the girls had already been sitting. But, even more to our surprise every person in the room was in formal dress. Eric and I were wearing board shorts and tank tops, the opposite of formal dress. We stood out side of the door and tried to figure out a quick and effective plan.

Then the idea came to us. Why not just go as we are and try to do something different. So we went in. For the first few minutes most of the people just looked at us as if we were trash.

The girls loved it and were under the impression that we did this on purpose. As the night went on we saw more and more people do the same.

Eric and I fell into a funny situation where we wore the wrong attire to a formal occasion and got away with it. This caused many people to follow our idea for the dinner the following night. At first we were ashamed for our mistake but later we were proud and said it was done for a reason, what ever that reason could be. All ended well and we had a great time but if you ever go on a cruise be sure to dress formal for the Captains dinner.