“Should The Costitution Be Amended To Permit School Prayer?”

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"Should the Costitution be Amended to Permit School Prayer?" The U.S Constitution shouldn't be amended to permit school prayer.

There are to many religions in the world and many students who have different religions. There is a senator trying to avoid this from happening.

This senator used many different strategies he used strong language, statistics, and plain folks. This is the way the senator want's to get our attention. The strong language that the senator uses is accusing other senators of the way they handle things and think about the subject. This the only way he could get his point across by using strong language. The senator wanted to get a strong reaction. Statistics was very important to this senator this way he could prove his point and show and everyone else how much trouble this could cause.

He didn't want this going on in schools because this is somewhere very diverse.

He is also using pervious cases to prove himself. Plain folks is a persuasive technique where the things you do are based on honesty. This is what the senator wants you to do he starts telling you that our four fathers did everything to try and prevent this. He says that we should do the right thing and follow what our 4 fathers were trying to prevent from happening in this country. There are to many different religions and allowing school prayer would be very bad . This would affect many students and there families.

School prayer should not be allowed in school only at home, house of worship, and out of school.