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Dear Mr. Sevunts, In today day and age, smoking has become one most controversial issue in our society. Even though we are all aware of the danger it implies, many people decide to ignore them. Those who choose not to smoke are constantly confronted with clouds of smoke cause by smokers, who are not ready to give up their bad habit. Therefore, the government now enforces smoking laws. I truly believe that these laws will not only help the none-smokers take full advantage of their decision, but will also be a major help to push others to do the same.

It is known facts that second hand smoking is just as dangerous as smoking itself. In others words, a non-smoker is just as harmed, if not more then the smoker. The non-smoking area prevents a situation alike to happen. Being unable to smoke inside, smokers are obligated to go outside to smoke, even during the winter.

This situation makes the smokers thinks twice if the cigarette is worth the cold, before going outside to smoke. And if it is not worth the cold, then it is definitely not worth life.

To conclude, I think that smokers have to be more confronted with the danger of smoking implies by health officials and the media.