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Socializing at RIT Man is a social animal. He cannot live all by himself without interacting with other people. I am an international student and so far the social life here at RIT is very warm. It has certainly bought about some changes in me, which is more pronounced as I come from a different culture. This is the first time I am living away from home and thus mental security is a very big factor. The atmosphere out here is very friendly and amiable. It has helped me become more social. I have become more open while conversing with people whom I do not know or haven't had any previous connection with. I have become more informed about the different cultures and people around the world after meeting fellow students here.

I have gained in self confidence since college started. Each day is filled with so many new experiences and so many new people! This is what I like the most about college life.

There seem to be so many persons and we get to know some of them each day. This is very helpful as is helps my relation building capabilities. Staying and working with people of my age has also given me an insight into the problems of the life out here. I have noticed that I have become more receptive to what others say. The social life out here has also given me an idea of how to work in a group, whether classroom or elsewhere.

Some of the social events which I have attended after coming here was the OASIS get together. It was organized in the SAU Building and was a great place and opportunity to socialize and make friends. I have also joined some clubs in the college which are related to my field of study. But although they are career oriented it still gives me a chance to meet people and socialize at club events and meetings. All in all the first month at college has been great meeting different people living away from home. The atmosphere so different, yet so friendly.

I certainly feel that RIT is one of the most secured campuses. The Campus Safety personnel are there for help 24/7. They helped me when I was locked out of my room at 3 in the morning. They are rally very cooperative and helpful. Since I don't drink or smoke, I feel that I have chosen the right university for me. I find people smoke but their percentage is quite less if you compare them with the rest of the universities. We find anti drugs, anti smoking banners all over the university.

Since I am overseas student form India, i find the lifestyle here very different. You are always occupied with something or the other. I know it will tale time but I feel that I will fit into the community at large. After coming to RIT, I had to compromise my certain values or beliefs. The culture out here is totally different here. But I don't regret it. In my perspective, if you need to get something in life, you have to sacrifice something in life. I do feel guilty sometimes but I know that I don't have any other option. In order to reach my goal, I have to do it. My policy is "No Pain means No Gain".