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First Aid Specific Purpose "“ A first aid class is important because you could save a life.

Central idea "“ Compared to the time and cost of a first aid class it is important to have because you could save a life.

Introduction "“ Do you think you could save a life if a fellow student started choking if a small infant stops breathing or if one of your parents has a heart attack? Hopefully none of these events ever occur but if they do is there always somebody around that could handle the situation until the paramedics arrive. The precious seconds between a life "“ threatening event and trained medical assistance are priceless. By becoming certified in first aid or CPR you may be the person that keeps the victim alive! Today I hope to persuade you to take a class in first aid.

I. A First aid class is very important because you could save a life.

A. For more than a century the American Red Cross has been helping save lives.

1. According to the American Red Cross Association, last year more than 12 million enrolled in first aid classes.

a. Not every person that takes a first aid class will use it. But here is a good example of how it was used right away.

b. Verna Crowe showed her family what she had learned while taking a first aid course, and this is how it helped her family. 3 days after she told her family about the course her 5-year-old niece ran into the room pointing at her throat. Verna's son Billy jumped up, swung his arms around Rachel, and applied three or four thrust to her abdomen. Out popped the candy from her throat and Billy saved her life just because of what his...