Talented Mr. Ripley

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The Talented Mr. Ripley My favourite character in this novel is Tom Ripley. I think he is the most fascinating fictional character I've ever seen. At the beginning of the novel it seems as though he is a normal guy who is pretty much a sane person, but then you realise that he is a murderer who is obsessed about acting like his friend Dickie. During the novel you never know what to expect from Tom. He is an unpredictable character who comes up with crazy ideas through out the whole story. I like Tom because during the novel you kind of sympathise with him and hope he doesn't get caught, even though he kills two innocent people. I would classify Tom as an anti-hero. He doesn't do things that are Christian like, but you root for him right threw the end of the novel. Tom is a very intelligent person when it comes to fooling people.

Tom was able to change his identity, murder two people, forge signatures and in the end, not get caught. I also liked Tom because he was a mysterious character right till the end. At the beginning he enjoyed himself with Dickie. They travelled to different places together and when they got to San Remo Tom decided to kill Dickie. He killed Dickie because he felt that Dickie wasn't paying attention to him no more. Tom killed a man he admired so deeply but he did it because he knew Dickie would rather be with Marge then him. I think he killed Dickie because of jealousy. As you can see, I like this character because he gets you thinking and it gives you a chance to analyse him. Tom wanted to be like Dickie and he wanted to live Dickie's life and at...