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The New France FARMING In the early days most people farmed for a living. Pioneers start farming by cutting down trees to make more room. This was a difficult job because the trees grew together. After the trees have been cut down, they prepare the land for planting vegetables. Pioneers preferred carrots, turnips, onions, cabbages and beans because they grew very fast and were easy to farm. The pioneers had help from the animals such as yoke, oxen's, and cows to plow the earth so the land would be fertile. These animals were important to the farm. After couple of years the pioneers grew many different kinds of vegetables. Lettuce, cucumbers ( which they thought was fruit), melons ( which they thought was vegetables), asparagus and other vegetables were grown in the settlements. The same vegetables were not popular in all places for example in New France potatoes were thought to be pig food.

Hunting and Fishing Hunting and fishing were another source of food it was important because in the winter times they weren't able to farm. Fishing was not only a source of food but it was also sport. It was popular in many places. Trout were caught using artificial flies and rods like today. But the most common way of fishing was with a spear. Salmons were speared as they came up river for migration. Fisherman cut down trees along the river and awaited for salmons with a spear.