They Made A Perfect Couple

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They made a perfect couple. He possessed model-like features, and had strong arms and legs that made it possible for him to go far in his football years. She was very pretty herself: long dark blonde hair, big brown eyes. She was smart but had one of those cute little personalities where she was eager to please people, making her almost gullible. Everyone at school could have sworn that Andy Reefman and Corilynn Moore would stay together their entire lives. At first Corilynn looked very forward to the long life together, and Andy was determined to make it happen. Being both seniors, it was possible that they would be together forever. But it wasn't until Corilynn discovers something that stops it all"¦ "Come on, Cor. Even though you are dating the second most cutest guy at Mountain View High, you gotta admit that Paul Walker is the sexiest guy in the star-studded world of actors."

Debbie Edwards said, rolling over on the bed so she could face her friend. "I mean, I'm pretty sure that if his die-hard fans out there found out that you have only eyes for little Andy and none for Paul, they would personally find where you live and come after you. Then when Paul Walker comes and confronts you, I will tell him that I was always a true lover and he will realize that we were made for each other. Then I would star in his next movie and we will live happily ever after. Well, until we have one of those star-love affairs in which I would have with Jonathan Taylor Thomas"¦" "Jonathan Taylor Thomas? Okay, Paul Walker was good, but your taking it too far when you brought in Mr. Thomas. I mean don't get me wrong, I like Home Improvement and everything, but the guy must be like four feet four inches or something. You can do better than that Deb." "Okay, then my star-love affair will be with"¦" She flipped through her Seventeen Magazine.

Cori shifted her position on the floor. She picked up a copy of Seventeen from the pile beside her. They were at Debbie's house discussing guys, school and the latest trends. The first cutest guy at MVHS that Debbie was talking about was Matt Foster. It was her first boyfriend that she was able to keep for a whole year.

"I got it! Okay, this guy is more my league. I mean this is destined to happen!" She looked around dramatically and whispered, "Wesley Snipes." "Wesley Snipes?" Cori laughed. "Okay, how old do you think Wesley is? Thirty-five, thirty-nine? Deb, the guy is probably old enough to be your dad." "Cor! Let me live a little! There is no law saying I can't dream a little. Okay, the guy is a little old for me yes, but what about the whole Six Days Seven Nights controversy? That lady was young enough to be Harrison Fords grand-daughter!" "Okay, first of all, Six Days Seven Nights was a movie, second"¦" "CORILYNN! YOUR MOM IS ON THE PHONE!" Mrs. Patti Edwards called from downstairs.

"Geez! Okay Mom! I think the neighbors in Tibet will take the call, they just confirmed they heard you!" Debbie called back. She rolled her eyes to Cori. "I guess you'll have to go. So see ya tomorrow?" "Yeah. Bye."