The Things I Carry As A Team Member

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The Things I Carry As A Team Member Have you ever watched a game where the team members don't communicate or get along with each other? If the teamwork lacks, chances are the team won't do very well. As a member of the MSU-B volleyball team the most important things I carry are dedication, the ability to work well with others, a sense of humor, and a positive attitude.

The most visible sign of dedication is my uniform. Wearing a uniform not only helps identify the teams, it brings a sense of unity. A successful team must feel like they belong together, when on the court I need to feel like I can trust my teammates, and that they can trust me. I must know that my teammates will support and encourage me, and they must know that I will do the same for them. Everyone is in it together.

Often teams will have team bonding nights when everyone gets together to do something that doesn't involve the sport. This helps everyone get to know one another, and to have a bit of fun. When I put that uniform on I get a sense of belonging, and a sense of pride.

The amount of hard work, the time put in, respect for teammates, coaches, and rules also contribute to dedication. At each game and practice it is essential to give 110 per cent- save nothing. I always try to practice like I play, and play like I practice. I do this not only for my own sake, but also for the good of the team. A game is a combined effort, and if one person does not pull their weight then everybody suffers. Along with having respect for my fellow teammates, I also respect my coach. I have coached teams...