Thoughts After The Bombing Of Afganistan

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I have always had trouble imagining what it would be like to be under bombardment, like in Britain in World War II. In the U.S., we are cannot imagine ourselves to be in Dresden, essentially levelled, or Hiroshima and Nagasaki, where a hundreds of thousands were obliterated by U.S. bombs to show the Soviets what we could do. I did see Felix Greene's "Inside North Vietnam," and saw how the B-52s would carpet bomb. I fantasized manning an anti-aircraft gun. The people would rebuild bridges overnight. Now I have to imagine myself under attack because of what I forsee being engendered by U.S. attacks.

Are we in Dresden, not New York? Are our museums, if not our people worth saving? The terrorists who attacked the trade center are as fanatic, ruthless, cold, and calculated as the American military can be, and they are fuelled by U.S. policies.

First and foremost is the use of Israel as a base for oil interests and military strength in the Middle East. This state based on intolerance for other religions was established at the expense of hundreds of thousands of Palestinians who are made homeless. The state is the number one recepient of U.S. aid year after year, expanding aggressively, continuously, with minor interruptions only at the cost of many Palestinian lives. Where torture and unlimited detention, kidnapping are state policy. Where mass murderers like Sharon run the state. And who supports these terrorists? The rulers, the politicians and their corporate backers, of the U.S. Who lobs missiles into Qadafi's home, killing his child? Who blows up pharmaceutical plants, who starves and bombs the Iraqi people? That same U.S. ruling class.

Anti-U.S. terrorism is a desperate response to U.S.-created conditions. As much as Israel creates new terrorists every time it bulldozes...