Time Travel Theories

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Theoretical Time "" Travel WORMHOLES Wormholes are basically holes in space in which one might be able to travel in one side and out the other and end up in a different time and place even if it is thousands and thousands miles away.

ROTATING CYLINDER The theory of a gigantic rotating cylinder is just what the name says a huge cylinder that is to rotate at more than a billion rpm. This was thought up by Frank Tipler and would be possible if the cylinder was infinitely long and the correct course of a ship was set out to go around the cylinder.

COSMIC STRINGS Cosmic strings are basically a two-dimensional black hole. It is like a fold in space that could be used in time travel but not many theories have been developed about these types of space folds due to the fact that no evidence has been found proving they exist.

"DID YOU KNOW?" TIME TRAVEL In this discussion we will examine three of the many theories on the subject o time travel. The tree are Wormholes, Rotating cylinders, and Cosmic rings.

When a person enters at point A A ship traveling around They will find themselves at point B the spinning cylinder the instantaneously. Plotted course A would Theoretically send the ship into the future.

Cosmic strings are basically 2 dimensional black holes that are infinitely thin and are thought to be able to be used in time travel.