Tourism Industry Of British Columbia

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The tourism industry is one of the main sources of revenue for the province of British Columbia and as of the last few years has been suffering thanks to added expenses imposed on the tourists. Tourism is a business for all of British Columbia; it stimulates local business, economic growth, etc. The government of BC has to learn that subsidies are required for this sector to grow, however, as well there are other provincial sectors that require help but this one is definitely high up on the list. Funding for the tourism sector can be funded through numerous ways. The local community can stimulate it by belong to the local Chamber of Commerce; create amusing attractions for the tourist to visit, etc. But definitely what has to be done to stimulate the Tourism industry is by trying to put a damper on the added costs that are dumped on the tourist.

Gasoline costs as of late have been exceedingly high and has been a major factor in the decrease in the tourism sector. The OPEC nations have been limiting our supply to get top dollar for the barrels of crude oil that they sell to us. Personally I think this could be avoided. Time and Time again there has been evidence of oil deposits just off the coast of British Columbia that would be easily accessible if it weren't for the stringency of our provincial government. They feel that this is not a good idea because they do not have a safe enough practice of extracting the crude oil without contaminating the ocean. Basically what they are saying is we have more important ideas to deal with. If this were Kraszlany 2 to go through, it would stimulate jobs bring the cost of fuel down and economic activity and tourism...