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Tragic Event In the most devastating terrorists on slaughter ever waged against United States, hijackers crashed two airlines into the World Trade Center on Tuesday 11, 2001, toppling its twin 110story towers. The deadly calamity was witnessed on television across the world as another plane slammed into the Pentagon, and the fourth crashed outside Pittsburgh. 266 people aboard the aircraft's were killed on impact and establishing the death toll could take weeks, but the expected casualties are in the thousands. As of now Osama bin Laden is the prime suspect. U.S. intelligence intercepted communications between bin Laden supporters discussing the attacks on the World Trade Center and Pentagon. The people aboard the plane who managed to make cell phone calls each piece arrived similar circumstances: they indicated the hijackers are with knifes, in some cases stabbing flight attendants. They then took control of the planes.

I feel that this is a great tragedy to not only the United States but to the world.

They hit us were it hurts, our trade centers; by hitting us here it slows down trade among other nations. The fact that they took our own airplanes and did it shows that we are not the "sleeping giant" we once were. I also feel that the response of the American citizens is not what it should be. I feel that if it takes the death of innocent lives for people to start showing their patriotism then this is not the country that we thought it was. Why only now are people putting flags on their cars? Why only now are people uniting together? Why only now to people care what's happening to others instead of themselves? I ask you these three questions and hope you think about it. I also ask for you not to think that I am for what happened I greatly disapprove of what happened and how it happened. I think it is the acts of cowards, the acts of madman, and the acts of brainwashed civilians. To note the News said we're in war, now we have a prime suspect but for sure we don't know who really did it. In other cases the killer or killer's would be taken to trial and judged, in this circumstance we're going to go in to another country and declare war against them just to find a person that we think committed this tragedy.

Consequences of the attack are going to be severe. So severe that some are saying it may be world war 3. Other consequences of this attack I could not really guess at, that seeing how I'm not in the military, but I know for certain all of America is looking for someone, someone to blame, and someone to kill. I wonder why it makes Americans feel better just knowing who did it? This is a question I have been asking myself for the past couple days. Why does it make us feel better if we know who did it? Sure, we know who to go attack, we get our revenge, but does it really bring the lives back, does it make that working husband come home to his family to tuck his children in at night? I have an uncle, a tour guide who was scheduled to take his group into the first tower at approximately 11:15 AM that day. I thank G-D that he was not there at the time of the attack. If he was and he died I would probably also be one for revenge. But after the bombs stopped falling and the smoke settled I would still miss him, I don't think it would ease the pain knowing that we killed his assassins. To conclude I urge the people of the United States of America to not let their feelings get in the way of what has happened. Thank you, and God bless.

Written By: ian Z Allen Class 2002,