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The final element of the information system is the output segment. This is the interface with the user of the system. The output is generally of several types and transmitted in several forms. First, the most obvious output is some form of report such as (1) summary reports of cost or performance statistics, (2) status reports of inventories or order progress, (3) exception reports that compare desired performance with actual performance, and (4) reports (purchase orders or production orders) that initiate action. Second, the output maybe in the form of prepared documents such as transportation bills of loading and freight bills. Finally, the output may be the result of data analysis from mathematical and statistical models.

Importance of an effective transportation system It is typical in the developing nation that production and consumption that take place in close proximity, much of the labor force is engaged in agricultural production, and a low proportion of the total population lives in urban areas.

With the advent of inexpensive and readily available transportation services, the entire structure of the economy changes toward that of developed nations. An efficient and inexpensive transportation system contributes to greater competition in the marketplace, greater economies of scale in production, and reduces prices for goods.

Greater competition---- with improvements in the transportation system, the landed costs for products in distant markets can be competitive with other products selling in the same markets.

Economies of scale---- wider markets can result in lower production cost. Inexpensive transportation also permits decoupling of markets and production sites. This provides a degree of freedom in selecting production sites such that production can be located where is a geographic advantage.

Reduced Prices---- inexpensive transportation also contributes to reduced product prices. As transportation becomes more efficient, as well as offering improved performance, society benefits...