The Tuskegee Airmen

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The movie ?The Tuskegee Airman? was a very informative film. I learned about what it was to become a black pilot during WWII in the 1940?s. This film also showed me that white Americans were still very bias towards blacks. The black pilots were separated from the whites on the base. Also a no blacks on the base had a higher rank then Lt. After watching this movie I realized you shouldn?t let other people get in the way of your goals.

These men wanted to prove to themselves as well as to their families that they were ambitious enough to succeed as a pilot. Most white men at the time didn?t think that blacks were intelligent enough, or strong enough to become a pilot. The men that became Tuskegee Airmen wanted to prove that they were capable of becoming pilots, they also strived for excellence. They had a very strong sense of pride because they were the first black pilots.

Not only did the individual pilots have increased pride, but the pride of black folks all over the country rose. Blacks were very proud to see someone the same color as them succeeding at something that, before then, only whites were allowed to do. These pilots also had alot of pressure on them to succeed. Most of them felt that they can?t go back home with becoming a pilot. Some of the pilots could not handle the pressure and took their own lives.

Once it was established that blacks could become pilots they still did get a fair shot. They weren?t sent over seas for battle until six months after they were certified pilots. Once they were sent over seas they were given low priority missions. The whites were getting all the war glory, medals, and promotions. Many...