The Unforgettable Trip

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The Unforgettable Trip Over a dozen years ago, my dreams began to build. The year was 1989 and the winter was one of the whitest ones that I have ever seen. My overwhelmed and adrenaline rushed body laid in bed quivering thinking about plowing through that knee deep power, and cutting into those endless moguls, knowing that come sunrise we will be setting sail for Crested Butte, Colorado.

With our saddlebags packed my family and I pealed out of our driveway and made a mad dash for the hills. I sleep most of the way there, when I woke up I could already feel the teasing elevation playing tricks with my ears. We bypassed countless mountains and starving herds of elk grazing on the snow covered riverbank. Our truck seemed to slowly disappear into the fog, I sat intensely on the edge of my seat trying eagerly to get the first glimpse of the town.

finally I got a visual, Crested Butte was in sight, For confirmation I rolled down my window to smell that wonderful pine sent and the air that I had just breathed out was very visible. I knew we had to be there. The valet man unpacked our luggage, My parents checked into the hotel, and I headed straight for the ski rental shop.

There the man measured me for my snowboard and within seconds I was at the top of the hill. The first day I face planted all the way down, and when it was over with my body felt as if it had been ran over by an eighteen wheeler hauling a load of cattle. Every night I ate out at a place called The Avalanche this was my favorite restaurant. After stuffing myself I would hobble back to my condo and there I would thaw out with the help of a cozy warm Fire. I would stare into the flames until hypnotized, then I would doze of sound asleep.

Every morning I would wake up to a moist cup of hot chocolate that my mom had prepared for me.

The days went by so fast , We stayed for a whole week but it seemed as if it was only a few days. Our trip was over before I knew it and the long trip home was badly dreaded. Our last night there I stayed up all night knowing that I would sleep on out way home. We left out the next morning before the sun had come up, the dimness of the lights and the flashing yellow line slowly disappeared as dozed off to dream of coming back next year.