The Vikings

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The Vikings The Vikings lived in Southern Norway in 890 AD. They were excellent fighters/warriors as they practiced fighting with their fine weapons often. Their lives were based on raiding countries, which they believed were unstable or easy to conquer, While in this country/village they steal food from the villagers.

The Vikings take all the things they need for the voyage, but take very little food with them on their large battle ships. However the food they take includes a few buckets of fresh water and sour milk, some flour, and bags of dried fish and meat.

Their ships are about 24 metres long and 5 metres wide, helping the ship to make its capacity hold up to 40 men. To make the ships water tight workers pack wads of animal hair dipped in tar between each plank.

The Vikings raids were mainly based around the towns of Britain and Ireland.

They traded handicrafts made by the Viking females such as clothes, pots and many other time-consuming artistic objects with the rich countries.

When the Viking warriors arrive home after a hard day their wives give them an evening meal of meat, wild vegetables, and fruit they cooked themselves.

Video No. 1 During the year 1000, England was prosperous with Christians, and baptism was considered to be necessary to be a Christian. During this time the Winchester was the capital of England. There was no toilet paper at this time so the Anglo Saxons used leaves or anything else they could find that was soft. In order to be a slave in that time you had to either ¨ Be born into a slave family ¨ Have committed a crime ¨ Be unable to pay debts.

Also in this time there were no pain relief drugs during pregnancy, all...