Violence Against Women Act

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Violence Against Women Act In this world today there are so many issues that are controversial in the since of what power goes to what government. There are so many bills and acts that are introduced that either gets declared constitutional or unconstitutional. This is where the issue of power comes into play. Who has the right to make some decisions? Is it the federal or state governments? Well in one case in particular, the Violence Against Women Act brought up many power controversies. In this time you will find about anywhere a women given her testimony about the time she was rape in federal court and this right was given to them by the Congress. Is this power giving to them right or is it unconstitutional. Susan Estrich, being a liberal, and Kenneth Starr, being a conservative, both have interesting views on the matter.

In the article, Federalism Strikes Blow to Women, Susan Estrich strongly projects her views as a liberal.

Any one that reads this article can clearly see that Ms. Estrich does not have clear understanding of the constitution. She believes that the congress had every right to pass this law under the 14th Amendment. She totally hates on the Supreme Court for all of the cases that they have shot down and declared uncontitutial. For example she brings up the Civil Right Acts of 1964. This act didn't get shot down because they thought that rights should be taken away from blacks, but it was just a state matter under the constitution. They were just following the constitution, which they are doing now in the case of the Violence Against Women Act. It is not they are trying to take rights away from women its just that they believe that we should follow the constitution...