Why Students Procrastinate

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Its a steady growing fact that studens to highschools aroudn the country are now procrastinating on all of their work that they are suppost to do. The reason to the question of why is the simple reason of ethicks. One being the parents dont care enought to punish the child if he or she is bringing home bad grades, two being that the teachers dont punish for late work anymore and three being that kids dont care anymore.

When my parnts were children i was told by my grandparents that if they brought home bad grades they would be "scolded" and sent to their roomsuntill the grades had been brought up. Now as i am in highschool i do occasionally bring home a low grade and the punishment i recieve is the same old scolding that my parents were sure to get but i ge to live my life as i had been before no problem.

So after th scolding there is no insentive for me to bring up the grade. IN result my grades have a chcnceto plummit into the oblivion if i didnt have the common sence to bing it up myself.

Secondly, the teachers now in our schools seem to be taking late work, as it is called in my area, whenever someone has a assignment that they decided to do after a few weeks it was assigned. Dont get me wrong I love the pollicy, but thats a reasont that the students are getty lazy. They see that they have the time to do it after a long span of school days and the put it off. Procrastination is a disease that is infecting every student everywhere. It was just a few years ago where i remember that late work would not be accepted and if...