William Shakespeare

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William Shakespeare was born on the 26th of April 1564. He was an Englishman who is known to be recognized as the world's greatest dramatists. Shakespeare used poetry in all of his plays which often connected to human behavior within the play he wrote thirty eight plays and died at the age of fifty two in the year 1616. Some of shakespears famous plays include Richard the second, henry the fourth and fifth, Romeo and Juliet, Julius Caesar and hamlet. Romeo and Juliet is a story which concentrates on two young adults love for each other, but is shattered by their elders and own mistakes. Julius Caesar is a serious story about political rivalry and tragedy between kings. Hamlet was probably Shakespeare's most famous play, which was made in 1601. In the play hamlet is a character that feels his life is a horror because of the death of his father and sensuality of his mother.

William Shakespeare's reputation of a play right is highly interpreted for many reasons. Many say he was a genius and they are probably correct. Although Shakespeare achievements have been more recognized in the eighteenth an nineteenth century he was also respected in his time.